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During this tour to the East and North of Madagascar you see rainforest, First you visit Andasibe National Park  to see the largest lemurs, island lemurs, and to fly to Diego Suarez then you go to the Montagne d’Ambre NP, where the world’s smallest chameleon lives, and to Les Trois Baies spectacular rock formations and white beaches. To Ankarana Special Reserve, a wilderness of caves, limestone formations and gorges. To visit the Tsingy Rouge, where you can see strange red rock formations. Drive via Ambanja to Ankify, where the ferry departs for Nosy Be.


  • Find unique experience with untamed wildlife in National parks
  • Andasibe National park, Montagne d'Ambre, Ankarana National park
  • Authentic interaction with local people throughout your journey


Antananarivo – Andasibe National Park – Diego Suarez – Montagne d’Ambre National Park – Les Trois Baies – Tsingy Rouges - Ankarana Special Reserve – Ambanja – Ankify – Nosy Be


  • Airport transfers;
  • Transfer to the ferry to Nosy Be;
  • Ferry to Nosy Be (one way);
  • Car, including fuel;
  • Driver;
  • Domestic flight;
  • Hotel for 14 nights;
  • Park entrance fees;
  • Activities in Nosy-Be
  • All taxes


  • Food and drinks;
  • Local guide fees;
  • Tips;
  • All other expenses

The price depends on your choice of hotel

Day 1:


Meet at Antananarivo international airport by  M.G.T  teams representarive and Transfer  from airport  and to the hotel  overnight 

Day 2:


After the hectic atmosphere in Antananarivo this tour gives you an introduction of the rural life. On the way you visit the reptiles farm. It is possible to do a nocturnal visit with a local guide in Andasibe NP to see mouse lemurs, frogs and chameleons. Overnight in a hotel.

Day 3:


In the morning you visit Andasibe NP with a local guide. Andasibe NP is home of the indri indri, the biggest lemur. You can hear its specific sound from far. Besides the indri indri it's quite easy to see other animals, like other kinds of lemurs, frogs, lizards, chameleons and lots of birds. In the park you can choose for a lang walk (about 5 hours) or a shorter (about 2 hours). None of the walks is very heavy, but sometimes you have to climb through the trees to see the lemurs from a short distance. After lunch you drive to the Vakona Forest Lodge to visit the island of lemurs.
Overnight in a hotel

Day 4:


4 hours by car and it depends on internal flight schedule to Diego Suarez the transfer airport and some of driver pick you up in the airport overnight in a hotel

Day 5:


The tropical rainforest of Montagne d'Ambre NP has a beautiful floa and fauna. There are waterfalls, giant ferns, lemurs, snakes and 77 species of birds, including the Amber Mountain rock trush and brilliantly colored kingfishers. If you are lucky you can even see the Brookesia minima, the smallest chameleon in the world. You can walk to Lac Vert, with shimmering green water. After a full day visit you drive to Diego Suarez. Overnight in a hotel.

Day 6:


The color of the water varies from azure to turquoise. Enjoy the landscape, the white beaches and the views during a walk along the bays. After this walk you drive to Diego SUEREZ . Overnight in a hotel

Day 7:


Special Reserve Today you continue to the Ankarana Special Reserve. Tsingy Rouges Today you visit the Tsingy Rouges, a small area with magnificent red rock formations. On the clay soil arise tsingy in different colors from vanilla to red. In the morning the colors look different than in the afternoon.and continue the way overnight in a hotel

Day 8:


Reserve You visit Ankarana Special Reserve with a local guide. You can choose from several walks, ranging from a few hours to a whole day. The landscape of Ankarana is very rugged, the main feature of this park is the tsingy. The park has a lot of caves with bats, underground rivers and great views. In some caves are royal tombs of the Antakarana. Overnight in a hotel

Day 9:


You drive from Ankarana to Ambanja (Ankify) Ferry to Nosy-BeOvernight in a hotel.

Day 10:

Activity in Nosy-Be

By speed boat to Nosy Komba, the second largest island next to Nosy Be. to see lemurs and Visit the handicraft village and walk along the stalls of wood sculptures, tablecloths and basketry, meeting smiling and friendly faces. We'll embark again on the speed boat and head for Nosy Tanikely, the protected submarine reserve. We'll have lunch on the beach before exploring this life-size aquarium by snorkeling. After the visit, transfer to Nosy Be overnight in a hotel

Day 11:

Activity in Nosy-Be

By speed boat to Nosy Iranja which is located an hour and half away from Nosy be, composed of two islands connected by a white sandbank, Get to explore this paradise island of turquoise blue and natural green colors. We can watch all kinds of birds, there are some herons and sometimes sea eagles too. Back to Nosy Be overnight in a hotel

Day 12:

Relaxing in Nosy-Be

Free day at leisure to relax on the beach and discovering Nosy Be

Day 13:

Airport transfer

Transfer to the airport to Antananarivo. Transfert to hotel overnight in a hotel

Day 14:

Sightseeing in Antananarivo

To visit the Kings Palace After the visiting , continuation to the Digue market, the place for handcrafts Malagasy that you will be able buy some souvenirs. Transfer airport it depends on your flight schedule at what time your departure return on your Home

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