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Date: 2019-12-07 08:09:31
From: Joan Anton
Email: joananton.bofarull@gmail.com

Message: 25 días con Madagascar Green Tours Hemos vivido 25 intensos días en nuestro viaje por Madagascar siempre acompañados por el guía Tsiory y, la mayor parte del tiempo, también por el conductor Alain. Los dos han trabajado para que todo fuera bien. Tsiory, especialmente, ha sido un acompañante perfecto y atento que nos ha hecho sentir siempre a gusto en nuestro recorrido por la isla. Tsiory y Baba, en contacto permanente, han resuelto todos los imprevistos que han surgido: pequeños cambios, retraso vuelo interno, necesidad de moneda local... Hemos dormido en tiendas de campaña y en hoteles maravillosos. Hemos estado en muchos parques naturales, en ciudades y aldeas y en playas idílicas. También hemos sufrido las “carreteras” de Madagascar :). En resumen, una muy buena relación calidad - precio y una agencia fiable. Con palabras de Baba: ¡yo confío, tu confías!

Date: 2019-10-07 08:09:03
Email: patrickcerpentier@hotmail.com

Message: During the month of september 2019 we travelled through the amazing country Madagascar for more than 3 weeks and we can highly recommend Madagascar Green Tours from Baba Solomon. Madagascar Green Tours is a very reliable company and mister Baba is a very kind and honest person and fulfilled all our special requests. He was providing us also a very good car (4 WD Toyota Landcruiser HJ 100) - needful for this country - and an experienced and safe driver, mr. Tsoa. When we are going a second time to this beautiful country (because there is a lot to see), we definitively will again choose his company - without any doubt. We are so grateful for providing us an unforgettable and fantastic beautiful trip. Thank you so much mister Baba and Tsoa. Madagascar was really a dream destination !

Date: 2019-11-07 08:08:41
From: xavier hasen

Message: From the pickup at Antananarivo airport to the drop off after 9 amazing days of discovering Madagascar’s unique nature and culture, we felt very well taken care of and safe with our driver/guide Desi and the team at Madagascar green tours. Desi is very experienced super knowledgeable about everything your want to know about Madagascar and its history. The car was extremely well maintained and clean and Desi’s driving made us feel safe despite the many potholes and narrow “highways”. Baba, the company’s owner, met us twice during the trip and made sure everything was going well. We felt particularly well looked after, as this trip was part of our honeymoon! We would highly recommend this company to anyone wishing to travel in Madagascar.

Date: 2019-08-07 08:07:52
From: Ana Gomez (Spain)
Email: amgortiz@hotmail.com

Message: My partner and I visited Madagascar in 2008, and we were so lucky to have Baba as our guide. He's not only professional, but he's so very kind...We really enjoyed the journey traveling with Baba. It was a great experience and we highly recommend it!!

Date: 2018-09-12 11:13:03
From: Hans and Inja from NL
Email: hans_van_wijk@hotmail.com

Message: We are just back from our lovely 3 weeks holiday in Madagascar. Thanks to Baba! First we found it a bit difficult to meet with someone you don`t know and having cash money with you.... However, Baba quickly gained our confidence! We did 2 Tours with Baba. One 11 day tour driving down the RN7 with the Manakara train tour and a 2 day tour to the Indri indri`s. Baba is a good guide and listens good to his customers needs and is a safe driver. He seems to know everybody during the way :wink: (Talking to everybody and making jokes) He also knows the good local guides in the Parcs, due to his experience. He is a helpfull guide aswell! Especially since our bagage arrived 12 days later then we did. He helped us to arrange our cloths and bathing materials etc. We can truly recommend Baba for being your guide. If you have any questions, feel free to sent us an email.

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